Transalright's got him

30 June, 2012 — Yahoo bestseller-list author and Galloping Ghostwriter founder David Ritchie (10 Million Tigers) has teamed with the prestigious Transalright translation service in Hanoi, Vietnam, to provide top-quality English writing on demand for clients worldwide. 

Transalright provides expert translation services in numerous languages and now can also provide professional writing of any length for hire, in English.

David brings to work with Transalright 35 years’ experience as author and editor, including authorship of more than 20 published books. His articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, Analog, Technology Review (MIT), High Technology, Technology Illustrated, Newsday, and many other publications. 

A former Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, David can produce anything clients may require, from articles, proposals, reports, website content, and blogs to nonfiction books, short stories, and novels.

For more information or to commission work, contact CEO Dr. Le Thi Thanh Ha, M.D. at Transalright, 308 X1 TT Truong Dinh, Tuong Mai, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi, Vietnam, Postcode: 10000, Email, Skype and Yahoo Messenger: orchid0998